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Disable/Enable the Wireless Radio on a DD-WRT Router

This post is mostly for myself as a reminder for when my router inevitably decides that it will not re-enable the radio after a reboot.

In my case, I have SSH access to my router, so I can run the following command from a console, however, this should also be possible to execute from the web GUI (Administration » Commands).

wl radio on

That is it. A whole blog post for one command.

More info about the wl command can be found on the DD-WRT wiki.

TF2 Damage Comparison

Ah, a good ol’ TF2 update that brings more hats, contracts, bugs, and of course, broken pyros. Or not.

I have seen far too many people complaining on the TF2 casual servers that the pyro is broken and such and such should be nerfed, but how many of those people have played pyro? Yes, a pyro can do a lot of damage very quickly, but it does so at similar levels to other weapons and has a big drawback: the range.

Let us not pretend that pyros have massive range. In a close encounter the pyro has the advantage, however, other classes have range and/or zoning capabilities. If we take a hypothetical corridor with a pyro on one end and another class at another, the other class will likely have the range to deal with the pyro. A soldier can shoot rockets before the pyro can even come close, the demo is laughing at the thought and a heavy is already eating a banana. The support classes will have difficulties and have already turned tail and promptly scurried back to the safety of their friendly neighborhood yeti heavy.

But what about the projectile reflection!?

Timing! Time those rockets or grenades. Did that airblast just go off? Fire! Just like there is more than one cosmetic slot, there is also more than one weapon slot. A shotgun in the secondary slot can help with those reflecting pyros and do not forget that sticky bombs are more difficult for a pyro to deal with.

Remember, pyros are your friends that want you to use your S key on your keyboard and pay more attention to the enemies sneaking around behind you. Do not forget to show your Mmmphing pyros a good time by shooting them right as they lose their uber.

TL;DR: Play better. The DPS stats below show that you are just bad at the game.

**Note: Frame times are arbitrary, based on the reviewed clip and are only used to provide the timing for damage calculations.

Damage Stats

Dragon’s Fury

Frame by frame damage

Continuous firing being charged into by a soldier

Frame Time Description
31.28 fire animation begins
32.03 27 damage
32.17 4 damage
32.19 84 damage
32.27 86 damage / death


Time: 29 frames / ~0.97 seconds

Damage: 201

DPS: ~207.22


Frame by frame damage

Continuous stream of flames being charged into by a soldier

Frame Time Description
3.14 7 damage / first damage tick
3.18 7 damage
3.19 7 damage
3.22 8 damage
3.25 9 damage
3.27 10 damage
3.29 4 damage + 11 damage
4.03 12 damage
4.04 13 damage
4.07 13 damage
4.10 13 damage
4.13 13 damage
4.15 13 damage + 4 damage
4.18 13 damage
4.20 13 damage
4.22 13 damage
4.25 13 damage
4.28 13 damage / death


Time: 44 frames / ~1.47 seconds

Damage: 209

DPS: ~172.18


Frame by frame damage

Fired from the max range of a flamethrower at a soldier

Frame Time Description
5.25 shooting animation begins
5.27 66 damage
6.18 79 damage
7.07 55 damage / death


Time: 42 frames / 1.4 seconds

Damage: 200

DPS: ~142.86

Rocket Launcher

Frame by frame damage

Fired from the max range of a flamethrower at a soldier

Frame Time Description
16.0 shooting animation begins
16.11 99 damage
17.05 97 damage
18.01 97 damage / death


Time: 61 frames / ~2.03 seconds

Damage: 293

DPS: ~144.33

Direct Hit

Frame by frame damage

Fired from the max range of a flamethrower at a soldier at the feet for the bounce, then while airborne for a mini-crit

Frame Time Description
31.0 shooting animation begins
31.12 123 damage
32.09 161 damage / death


Time: 39 frames / 1.3 seconds

Damage: 284

DPS: ~218.46

Frame by frame damage

Fired from the max range of a flamethrower at a soldier with no mini-crit

Frame Time Description
13.01 shooting animation begins
13.07 123 damage
14.02 121 damage / death


Time: 31 frames / ~1.03 seconds

Damage: 244

DPS: ~236.89


Frame by frame damage

Fired from the max range of a flamethrower at a soldier

Frame Time Description
13.14 frame before first bullet tracer (already spinning)
13.16 33 damage
13.18 33 damage
13.21 22 damage
13.24 21 damage
13.27 21 damage
14.0 43 damage
14.04 32 damage / death


Time: 20 frames / ~0.67 seconds

Damage: 205

DPS: ~305.97

Grenade Launcher

Frame by frame damage

Fired from the max range of a flamethrower at a soldier

Frame Time Description
13.26 shooting animation begins
14.04 100 damage
14.23 100 damage / death


Time: 27 frames / 0.9 seconds

Damage: 200

DPS: ~222.22

Macbook Pro Price Comparison and Custom Build

I created this while running Xubuntu. Please print and insert any Windows vs OS X squabbles into your favorite orifice.

  Apple Macbook Pro 2016 Dell XPS 15 Touch
Price $2799 $1649
Display 15.4” 15.6”
Resolution 2880 x 1800 - 220 PPI 3840 x 2160 - 282 PPI
CPU Intel i7-6820HQ Intel i5-6300HQ
CPU Mark 8716 5822
Storage 512 GB SSD 256 GB SSD
RAM 16 GB 2133 MHz DDR3 8 GB 2133 MHz DDR4
GPU Radeon Pro 455 2 GB NVIDIA GTX 960M 2GB
Wireless 802.11ac - Blutooth 4.2 802.11ac - Bluetooth 4.1
Camera 720p 720p
Touch Bar 1 0
Ports 4 - Thunderbolt 3.0/USB 3.1 2 - USB 3.1, 1 - Thunderbolt 3.0

I now want to know how much a comparable desktop build would cost. Prices from Amazon rounded to the nearest dollar: November 15, 2016.

Custom Build Component Price
i7-6700 - CPU Mark 11030 $290
MSI B150 ATX Motherboard $90
Crucial MX300 525 GB SSD $123
Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 16 GB $80
GTX 1060 3 GB $221
Gigabyte 802.11ac Bluetooth 4.2 PCIe Card $33
Logitech C270 Webcam $21
Samsung UE5900 Monitor $312
AmazonBasics Mouse Keyboard Combo $20
Corsair Carbide 100R Case $53
Xubuntu $0
Total $1243

Smite Running on Linux/OS X via Wine

For a while, years now, there have been attempts to run Smite under Wine. Unfortunately, the launcher could never get past waiting for that HiRez patch service. If your are just interested in getting Smite running in Wine check out WineHQ. If you want to go the PlayOnLinux (POL)/PlayOnMac route, I have created a POL script that should get you up and running. You can find the script in a gist on GitHub. Details are avaliable in the repo’s readme.

Edit (16 Jan 2016): Moved scripts to a regular GitHub repo.